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I might do a triathlon this year [Mar. 26th, 2014|09:24 pm]
Reading from my old entries, I said I might do a triathlon one day. Maybe this is it, this year, if I train hard enough. How hard could that be?
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Photos Before Instagram [Mar. 24th, 2014|03:38 am]
[mood |awake]
[music |Presto - Rush]

I think I am old school, okay.. an old coder I should say. I can read codes, I use keyboard short cuts.
Somehow, it appeals to me that I should update my livejournal, not that it matter for any reason, just because I feel like it. Years has passed, about 12 years now...compressed in just one blink of an eye.
Many days of just survival mode, many days of enjoying life the way it should be.

I have not seen a breath of fresh air in terms of human emotions in the last 5 years.
Re-connecting with Ed reinforces the idea that I need human connections, friends and family matters.
A little bit of encouragement, inspiration, and understanding can go a long way.
Sometimes, just a change of perspective on how we thought things should be, and ought to be.
Sometimes, it is the things that is left unsaid that matters.

No...I am not AI yet, despite the fact that I want to or I need to everyday. So back to basics, shall we?

Train again...
Run again...
Keep Climbing...
Maybe Tri and Tri? Oh go big? How about Ironman in August? Insanity again?

As remote as life can be, I like to re-treat in my own little corner and think.
Just because it is more real than smiling. Just because it keeps me going.

Well, here is me in my geeky lab gown, 13 years after!


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2013-2014 [Mar. 24th, 2014|02:59 am]
Well, some sort of fate, my bro Bryan has found our live journals.
So I guess, i am due to update again, after long years of relaps.

Sept 2013 - I went back to Carleton University to finish my long delayed Science degree.
One more year I said, and dig myself in, along books, pens and anything dusted here...
I really don't know what the future holds, but I live it one day at a time.
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2008-2011 moving, moving, and moved 2012 [Jul. 24th, 2012|01:30 pm]
[music |dragonfly-cruxshadows]

i have moved around ottawa, even forgotten the password to my live journal. well, like is interesting. events come around in circles.

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2007 Entries [Oct. 27th, 2007|12:38 am]
[Current Location |Ottawa, Ontario]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |Rush]

Well, sort of I lost my password, and did not hope to find it. Well, because I find it, might as well update my journal.
Should be in Bulleted form because its a lot.

2007 january...i lost my job at running room. well, duh it was winter season, sales are low.
2007 february ..Engineers Without Borders in Calgary. Went to Banff, fun fun fun

March 2007 - BIke for CHEO, fundraising with Carleton University Running and Fitness CLub.
Lent 2007- attended 24 hours Thinkfast at St. Paul for Development and Peace.
Fun with year end parties, D & P, and Carleton Catholic Community.
I pick up indoor bouldering (Rock Climbing) and enjoying it. I bought a climbing shoes actually.

May 2007 - D & P Provincial at Niagara College, Niagara by the Lake. Its nice to see fellows again...and enjoy lively discussion.

Summer job at the grocery store, and also Planet Beads.

Took a semester off from school, and be back to school this winter.

September 2207 - went to Vancouver for the Vancourver Gift Show. And the fun part was doing the Grouse Grind.

Oh, September 21, I watch the Rush concert in Ottawa. Great............fun time.
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What a Year! 2006 [Dec. 29th, 2006|10:04 am]
Today is Friday, last Friday of 2006 to be specific. It was a great year, feels like i'm talking in the plane of 2007 but feels like it.

- went back to university
- got a job at Running Room and still a happy bee working there on weekends
- travelled to Guatemala with development and peace - July 2006
- Joined two NGO's - Development and Peace , Engineers Without Borders (EWB)Carleton Univeristy Canada
- met friends from Canadian Forces and have real fun summer - probably join the reserves too
- completed the Olympic Distance Duathlon - Ottawa City Nationals Tri and Du August 5th
- i ran few races this summer but busy with school
- met Beau
- met Professor Robert Slater of TSE who helped me out for my plan to proceed to Masters Program
- started rock climbing, bouldering first...err

For 2007:

- more focus on studies , okay get some A this time bitch(B is not good enough)
- keep up with Development and Peace, Engineers Without Borders
- attend EWB Conference in Calgary Jan 24-28, 2007
- keep running

Life is great!
Where there is pain, there is hope...
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Un-edited sometime in 2003 i think [Apr. 6th, 2006|09:01 pm]
My one Little epistle on midsummer 2003

I left my parents when I was 15, Yes, I am a rebel by choice
I seek for my future, I seek for love I never felt
I want to explore the world, do the best of my potentials
And live a life, the way I wanted it to be

If our destiny were map like the stars in heaven
Then why do we plan ahead?
Why don’t you and I sit down and wait for things to happen
If our path has been laid before we were born
Then I should sit here and wait for my prince charming?

If there are divisions between nations, religions and cultures
Does it make any difference at all?
If we are raised from opposite ends of the world
Why can’t we make history for ourselves and co-exist?

Humans, you and I , We live in one Planet, Earth, one Galaxy, The Milky Way
If you tell me we are so different, Are you from another dimension then?

Yes, I am selfish, I worship myself, I rule my world
Show me I can worship you too, Show me that I can respect you too
And I’ll embrace our union now and till the end of time……
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Un Edited Updates [Apr. 6th, 2006|08:17 pm]
i think i should re-arrange my life. its been in dis-array for a very long time, i let it rut in a natural cause, so many things i took for granted in the name of love. how many times did you hear that? Not once, maybe a million times....but since the world population is billions then maybe so many humans feel the same. In the name of love...one man come and go!

so, but i dont want to waste time trying to quantify love, maybe i just fall in to that cliche like any other human being. i bow down, humble myself for those people who been there and back. but anyways, i have my fare share and i did not regret what i did, and what i do for love.

now, lets talk about rebuilding a life which i ultimately let it rot for quite sometime.'

I am back in Carleton University, I always wanted to study engineering, and here I am. for those of you who know me all through these years, you know i will get here. its just a matter of when, but here i am. allthough.........i was delayed.

running..ah yes, i still run, in fact on April 1st, i will compete again in 5K race. I have not prepared anything but i guess its something to get my feet wet. summer is the opportunity for me to get to know myself again.

karate.........i can't believe it, all through these years I trained so hard and my black belt grading is coming up this June. I hear it is a brutal weekend, but i think it is just a culmination of what i did for the past couple of years. I felt strong, i felt i have resurrected from a deep sleep, coming out for abyss. Im sure people wonder where, what i did for the last year. I will not tell you in details, but suffice to say, i got pregnant, i give birth to a baby boy and here i am, a single mother like many woman you meet anywhere in this world. so my training is every sunday, lets say additional training since i still train during the week three times. one hour and a half of training really strengthens me, i feel ready to face the world. have i told you that there were days in my life when i was so depress and i feel like the world is against me. now, i dont feel that way, i feel the world loves me. everything i do, i find support and life really really flourishes in me.

development and peace.(www.devp.org) yes, i am catholic, born one and will die one. no one will come between me and my faith, let it be philosphy, even love at its crueliest form. i have sheer determination to let my faith be me, and entwined with me. I dont say i will be a nun and pray everyday, but i like to embrace humanity in the essence of being one with them because they are my brothers and sisters in christ. I joined Devt. and Peace of carleton University and it is a very promising organization. I believe that we can make a difference by not just talking about it, but really go out and see places and feel their pain, their problems, the indifference that they felt all these years of ravage civil war that destroyed their homes and families. where is love in the midst of war? where is love in hunger? I don't know I would not know....i like to see, to live and tell what was it like. i am going to Guatemala in July 15-29,2006 a two week humanitrian work and i hope i become more human again. to feel , to breath and to be thankful for the air i breath everyday and the sun that shines so bright that it gives me energy to write this long.

friends -i feel a little bit shy not telling anyone when did i come back from the dead. but hey, my friends are very understanding people. they just accept the fact that i am back, and i do not have to give explanation for my leave. im happy, i feel re-assured, i love life, i am back on the road again.

road warrior - i am in love with my road warrior, ah probably all of you know that, i bike rain or shine and my road warrior take me anywhere I go. i am excited to see it again, tracy keep it safe for me while i was away.
and yeah, i am glad to know she is getting married this may. wow, am i getting older? i love happy endings and i am so thrilled with this new adventure of her. I wish them both the happiness they deserve in this world.

swimming - so carleton has a swimming pool, and i am privilidge to be here, anytime it is open i can swim with my little fins. am i a fish? or just i love the water. it that an element of life, maybe so? i enjoy the best of life in water, in space. i do love the rain, i like to get soak in the rain and would definitely dance naked in the rain.

running - i love running, i run in all directions without a purprose why i run but just just sheer pleasure of running. i even work at running room, just to be close to people who love to run, and for the sake of whatever it is related to running. its been my lifeline, its been my crosstraining for karate and swimming.

i might do a triathlon one day!
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Just Another day [Feb. 7th, 2006|04:39 pm]
[music |Manhattan Project - Rush]

I am sitting here, thinking how to solve my C++ assignment. Well, the concept is not so difficult yet my mind needed inspiration. i always tell myself to work harder, now yeah....how i can i work on C++ when i am allready thinking of the Calculus exam for tomorrow? That prof needed a "toink" in the head i tell yah. Phew....I'm so burned. Anyways.....Pat said i needed to take a break. Yeah, just what I need. I havent done anything here , im here for more than an hour.

I will just pack my bags, then go to karate. That might help me out relax and the lessons will come naturally in my head later. That means there is C++ and Calculus back to back for the night. Beat that Ninja!

Miss Acidburn
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carleton university [Jan. 21st, 2006|10:37 pm]
I am here. Just sitting here..........alone as i see my watch ticking!
This is life:)
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